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Madame Phú Man Chú

In the spring of 2016, Vu Dinh Hung and Luc Lejeune found themselves in the garden of the Buba Bistrot Exotique in Kifissia. They met Konstantinos Zouganelis and they immediately felt effortlessly familiar with each other, like people with common experiences and interests. From that moment on Konstantinos called his two new friends “the Vietnamese”.

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Mr Hung & Mme Thuy.

The common trait between the different Asian cuisines may be the raw materials (lots of vegetables, fish and meat combined with spices and fresh herbs), but in Vietnam the culinary practice is milder and with many techniques (you might find this strange) from French gastronomy, inherited from the time when the French ruled over “Indochina”. The flavor profile of Vietnamese cuisine is the most “Mediterranean” of Southeast Asia and is rather familiar to us, Greeks, while still undeniably exotic.

The history of food in Vietnam is more or less the same as that of Greece. The family gathers around the table, sharing the freshly cooked dishes.

Raised in one of the vast Asian families, for which food preparation is an integral part of the everyday ritual, the Vietnamese chef is a very interesting mix of a classic and also open-minded self-taught cook.

Food & Drink

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Pomelo salad